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Vibhor Transforms Their Digital Space To Support Retailers Amidst the Pandemic April 30, 2021 (0 comments)

2021-4-30 Vibhor small

New York, NY--VIBHOR, founded in 2000 by Neelu and Manish Dhadda, is recognized nationally for its quality jewelry made from die-struck metals and machine-set diamonds. Headquartered in New York City, VIBHOR aims to combine modern technology with crafting excellence when it comes to manufacturing diamonds while providing fast and expert service to their customers.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its monumental effects on the retail industry, adjusting your digital sphere is essential to jewelry companies whose sales now heavily depend on purely online interactions. VIBHOR has made the recent initiative to implement various tech changes to their website in order to increase the level of convenience and functionality to make the online buying process more user-friendly.

VIBHOR has introduced a brand-new online ordering system that allows customers to directly order items from their website, making purchasing more efficient by bypassing the hurdle of having to contact a sales representative to make a jewelry purchase. Along with a new ordering system, VIBHOR has made access to prices and inventory available for clients 24/7, which also allows for greater convenience when browsing the website. The company aims to make their digital space as optimized as possible for the customer, and one way they’re providing personalized service is to offer the ability for customers to track the status of their orders during the manufacturing process.

Along with making their digital space more user-friendly, VIBHOR has also added resources on their website so customers can now access training and marketing materials. VIBHOR aims to build a connection with their clients, and providing resources such as these creates a useful tool that their customers can look to improve their sales and diamond knowledge. To further build this sense of connection and personalization with their customers, the company has newly implemented a consultation program where they offer virtual meetings with both their customers as well as their clients to answer any questions they may have about jewelry and the manufacturing process.

To learn more about their new tech changes, call  (212) 869-5060 or email at

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