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Vital Mission to Save Cuban Lives Started by ARTCO Group’s Miñagorri and 3 Others July 28, 2021 (0 comments)


Miami, FL, Havana, Cuba, Multiple Other Cuban Cities--Cuba has been in the headlines daily with major citizen protests and outcries for US support, but the hunger and desparation of Cuban citizens since the onset of COVID-19 is less well publicized but at catastrophic levels.

The industry's own Mickey Miñagorri, a Miami area resident and principal of showcase and jewelry store design company ARTCO Group, has been on the front lines of the battle to inform needy Cuban citizens of help available to them and to get them emergency food and medical supplies.

He and his wife Yolanda G Miñagorri, Ed.D., have been part of a Catholic charity effort through their church called Mission Emaus Cuba for some time. Together with Maxine Mitchell-Alvarez and her husband and church deacon Jorge A. Alvarez, they founded Mission Emaus Cuba "Beyond Emaus" in August 2020 to see to it that necessary emergency supplies get to Cuban citizens most in need.

Below is a Q&A with Mickey Miñagorri about this major effort, with photographs below the interview to provide a glimpse of what has been unfolding:

The Centurion: What is the name of the group you are working with?

Mickey Miñagorri: Mision Emaus Cuba. The link to our website is

The Centurion: What is the role of this charity effortt?

Mickey Miñagorri: We are a humanitarian non for profit organization that works through the Catholic Church in Cuba to send food and medicines to the entire island.

TC: Who are you helping who are in great need?

MM: We are helping the most needy in the island. Things have become so desperate and tragic there is absolutely nothing for them to eat and no medicine at all.

TC: How are you helping them?

MM: We are sending containers filled with a special rice called Mana Pack. Every container has 120,000 packs of rice that when cooked feeds about ten persons. They are filled with vitamins, proteins and minerals. The recipients will add some vegetables. We also send every month duffle bags filled with all different types of medicines.

We buy several hundred meals through Spain and send to different priests in different Parishes in Cuba so they can distribute among the most needy families.

TC: How did you get involved in this and how long have you been doing it?

MM: We started doing Spiritual Retreats called Emmaus 5 years ago but after Covid everything in Cuba has deteriorated beyond comprehension, and people are starving and dying everyday for lack of medicines. That was why we started Beyond Emmaus last August.

TC: How can others help or contribute? Please provide contact info and/or links.

MM: and our Facebook page. 


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