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Westport Welcomes World-Class Rolex Boutique in Lux Bond & Green September 27, 2023 (0 comments)


Westport, CT--The recently renovated Lux Bond & Green in Westport has inaugurated a dedicated Rolex corner. 

[Image via Moffly Media]

John A. Green, President and CEO of Lux Bond & Green, said per a report in Moffly Media that remodeling their store and creating an exceptional customer experience is part of their core values and 125-year heritage.

The report noted that the 630-square-foot boutique took eighteen months to realize its vision. Every material was sourced from Switzerland, with the project utilizing the combined expertise of Swiss installers and the Lux Bond & Green team. 

Ensuring alignment with Rolex's standards, the collaborative effort involved architect ID3a from Glastonbury, who coordinated with Rolex teams in Geneva and Manhattan.

Learn more in the entire Moffly Media report.

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