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Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe | Simon Sinek | TED December 23, 2019 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY--Being a leader, someone who probably signs paychecks, is a big job. But it's not all about making the big business decisions and doing performance reviews. Management guru Simon Sinek believes a leader is someone who makes employees feel safe and offers a circle of trust for employees to be in. 

Feeling safe at work incorporates many aspects: first, there’s physical safety, which is especially relevant to jewelry stores. But there’s also feeling safe by believing your leaders are looking out for you as a person; that they’re invested in you as much as in the bottom line.

It’s a big responsibility and often a challenge to create trust and safety. Click here to watch this savvy TED talk as Sinek offers his advice on this important subject. 

Then, click here to review the Jewelers’ Security Alliance’s tips for what to do in an active shooter situation.

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