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Woman Steals Diamond Necklace In Front of 70-Year-Old Employee June 20, 2022 (0 comments)

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San Antonio, TX--A North Side jewelry store was robbed in front of a 70-year-old woman working there.

[Image source: Wikimedia Commons]

According to a news report, the incident occurred at a store at the Alamo Quarry Market in the 200 block of East Basse Road.

Per the report, the suspect, Leslie Hall, 39, asked the older woman to show her a diamond necklace on display in a glass case. When the employee produced the necklace in front of her, the suspect put her purse on the display case and pulled for an object covered by a cloth. She then proceeded to demand cash and the necklace.

As per the report, the employee said there wasn't any cash in the store. Hall then took the necklace and demanded a diamond bracelet while threatening to shoot the employee.

The report added that Hall then broke a glass door exit and left the store.

Investigators made the arrest after identifying a vehicle that dropped the accused at the store. The police tracked the stolen jewelry to a pawn shop.

The report noted that authorities charged hall with aggravated robbery.

Read the entire report.

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