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YDI Diamonds: A Third-Generation Family Business That Pioneers Small Diamonds in Israel March 02, 2023 (0 comments)


Jerusalem, Israel--An interview with Ori Fluk, the CEO of YDI, a family-run company specializing in small diamonds, revealed their unique position in the industry.

[Image via Israeli Diamond]

YDI has been a pioneer in the Israeli diamond industry for over 75 years and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of small, fine-make diamonds.

Ori explains in the interview that their main specialty is diamonds up to 1 carat in weight for the jewelry industry, which is pretty rare in the Israeli diamond landscape.

As a computer science graduate, Ori finds his knowledge helpful, enabling him to work with software companies to explain their needs and help develop their in-house software.

“In diamond manufacturing, new technologies are introduced all the time," Ori explained in the interview. "It can be expensive, but without investing in technology, we’ll be going backward. We have to stay cutting edge to remain competitive. As we work with small diamonds and maintain a large stock, this requires complex logistics which we have to digitize to handle effectively."

Ori is proud to employ over 40 families in a field that everybody has written off in Israel, and he hopes to continue to grow with the constantly evolving market.

Learn more in the entire interview.

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