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Tanishq Sees ‘Huge Opportunities’ in US Market for Indian Retail Brands March 02, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Tanishq, a leading Indian jewelry retail brand, sees huge potential in the US market for themselves and other Indian retail brands.

With a large presence of the Indian Diaspora in the country, who have a high per-capita income and a growing interest in Indian culture and products among Americans, the opportunity is vast.

A report noted that before entering the US market, Tanishq spent two years studying the North American jewelry market, valued at $60 billion, and is currently focused on the Indian Diaspora Market. They plan to expand to other cities, including Chicago, and eventually crossover to the broader consumer market.

Tanishq's entry into the US market is expected to pave the way for other Indian retail brands to enter as well. However, Amrit Pal Singh, Business Head-North America, Titan Company, cautions that entering the US market requires sensitivity to the nuances of the market and consumer preferences. However, he added that Indian Americans are no longer shy of Indian culture and heritage.

"They want to express that. Which means they want to engage more and more with Indian brands," he noted in the report. "What I have seen here is that not many (Indian) brands have yet come (to the US), but there is a huge opportunity for them."

Learn more in this report.

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