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Your Roundup Guide To Valuable Industry Webinars, Podcasts and Replays |  April 15, 2020 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—The coronavirus has changed most people’s daily schedules in ways they never expected. One potential silver lining for normally-busy jewelers may be that you now have some time to spend on planning, learning, and charting a course for your business future when quarantine is over. Hopefully at that time we will all learn to navigate whatever our new ‘normal’ will look like.

One way to prepare for the future is to take advantage of the abundance of online webinars and podcasts offered to those in our industry. Select from the list below to find some good food for thought for your future business efforts.

As you’ll see, a good number of the seminars below deal with your company’s online presence. Says Tiffany Stevens, Jewelers Vigilance Committee, who is featured is several webinars below, “The world has shifted from digital presence as an advantage to digital as survival. There is a lot to know about how to advertise correctly online, and especially for jewelry, which is more highly regulated than most other products. Intellectual property issues also come into play on this. We want industry to survive the short term and thrive into the long term—strategic approaches to marketing and containing your legal risk will aid in achieving both.” 

We’ve done our best to provide a comprehensive list of all the webinars and podcasts (live or recorded) available in the industry, but if you know of a webinar or podcast that we missed and you’d like to share it, please list the relevant information about it in the comments section at the end of this article.

First, check out this important upcoming FREE CENTURION WEBINAR EVENT on April 22 and click here to register today!

"NAVIGATING THE KEY COVID-19 LEGAL ISSUES IMPACTING JEWELERS" with JVC’s Tiffany Stevens, moderator, and Scott Bergof Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, based on Baton Rouge, LA; attorneys Martin S. Gates and Thomas N. McCormick, of Ohio-based Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP law firm, and Michael Richards of Underwood Jewelers, Jacksonville, FL.

RECENT WEBINAR RECORDINGS. Click on each link to replay.

REPLAY: TOP 10 WAYS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS DURING COVID-19, with Howard Hauben, Centurion Jewelry and Emmanuel Raheb, of Smart Age Solutions:

REPLAY: The Jewelry Ecomm Show: Marketing Strategies For Jewelers During The Outbreak, Episode One, with Mike Hauben, JEWELRY ECOMM:

REPLAY: Digital in Demand – If We Started Over Today – Marketing Do’s and Don’ts in a Digital-Only Environment, with JVC / The Smithee Group:

REPLAY: Navigating Your Jewelry Business Through the COVID-19 Rapid Changes - Open Discussion, with GemFind Digital Solutions:

REPLAY: Navigating the New Financial, Legal and HR Landscape, with The Plumb Club:

REPLAY: You Have Insurance and Legal Questions — We Have Guidance, with JVC/Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group/Hill Mgmt. Group:

REPLAY: Managing Through The Crisis: Human Resources Concerns, with INSTORE/Performance Concepts:

REPLAY: Managing Through the Crisis: What to Do with Your Inventory and Your Shop, with Instore/David Geller:

REPLAY: Managing Through the Crisis: How to Address Your Financial and Marketing, with INSTORE/Edge Retail Academy/Hill Management Group:

REPLAY: Managing Through the Crisis: The Digital Marketing Response, with Instore/Fruchtman Marketing:

REPLAY: Navigating the New Financial, Legal and HR Landscape, with The Plumb Club:

RECENT PODCASTS. Click on each link to play.

LISTEN: The New Bridal Consumer, with The Plumb Club:

LISTEN: Cracking the Code on the Customer Experience With Platinum, with The Plumb Club: 


Best Online Strategies for Volume Producers, with MJSA/Andrea Hill:

Managing through the Crisis: Manufacturers & Suppliers – Management & Communication During the COVID-19 Crisis, with GN Diamond/Royal Chain, Fana, Crabtree Consulting:

Best Online Strategies for Studio Producers, with MJSA/Hill Mgmt. Group:

Managing through the Crisis: What’s Your Long Term Plan?, with InStore/JBT/BIG:

April 16, 1pm EDT: How Do Global Crises Affect Styles and Material Preferences?, with MJSA/Andrea Hill

April 16, 3:30pm EDT: Coronavirus Outbreak: Stress Management and Covid-19, with Jewelers of America:

April 16-17, The Couch Conference, with The Smithee Group (Fee: $10):

April 23, 1pm EDT: Manufacturing Tomorrow—Considerations for Globalization, with MJSA/Andrea Hill:

April 23, 2pm EDT: Coronavirus Outbreak: No Social (Media) Distancing Required, with Jewelers of America:

April 30, 1pm EDT: Manufacturing Tomorrow—Additive Manufacturing, with MJSA/Andrea Hill:

May 7, 1pm EDT: Ramping Back Up—Getting Back in Business after COVID-19, with MJSA/Andrea Hill:

May 14, 1pm EDT: The NEW Retail Forecast—Back in Business after COVID-19, with MJSA/Andrea Hill:

May 21, 2pm EDT, Understanding 1K Gold and the New Jewelry Advertising World, with Jewelers of America:

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