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YVEL’s Isaac Levy Creates $1.5M Gold And Diamond Face Mask September 09, 2020 (0 comments)


Motza, Israel—Isaac Levy, founder and principal designer of pearl jewelry brand YVEL, is making the fight against COVID-19 a little—ok, a lot—more beautiful for one customer. The designer is working on a lavish custom face mask that will be worth about $1.5 million when it’s finished. Image: pieces of the mask in progress. AP Photo.

The Associated Press reports the custom 18k white gold mask will be decorated with 3,600 white and black diamonds. Levy didn’t reveal who the buyer is, other than to say it’s a Chinese businessman living in the United States.

The mask will be fitted with N-99 filters at the request of the buyer, who also requested the piece be ready by the end of the year and that it be the most expensive face mask in the world. The second request is “the easiest to fulfill,” Levy told the AP. 

The finished mask will weigh more than half a pound, making it somewhat impractical to wear. As for the optics of wearing a diamond-encrusted face mask when many around the world are struggling financially, Levy said that he’s just grateful for the work that making it is giving his employees.

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Above: Isaac Levy, YVEL's founder. Below, a baroque South Seas pearl and diamond ring from YVEL.

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