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CRO Tips to Improve Conversions and Increase Sales July 18, 2018 (0 comments)

3u56j7eegh.jpg You’ve invested in your website design and it looks gorgeous. Traffic is something to be proud of since you get a respectable number of visitors per month. Good for you! However, the increase in your income is nothing to be excited about. You need conversion rate optimization or CRO to maximize the results from users who are already interested on your site. In this article, I will give you a list of practical and concrete tips that you can start applying today to increase the rate of your conversions. The world of marketing, as you probably already noticed, is anything but a simple addition of 2 + 2 = 4. What works for one company might not work for yours; however, I tried to include tips that tend to work every single time they are implemented. So, scroll down and let’s start!

Optimizing Copy

Use words, especially verbs, that capture your audience's attention. Remember that not everyone is a passionate reader; therefore, you have to write assuming that people will scroll down your content looking for a specific word or group of words. Moreover, when using capturing words, try to format them with bold or italics whenever applicable. Your readers' eyes will go there directly. The content structure also plays a key role in engaging and converting a visitor. Use headings, subheadings and short paragraphs to make your content easy to read. See below how Tiffany uses a combination of all these tips to create a product description that is easy to read. What you write is also important. Don’t make it all about you–the center of your writings should be what your customers want and need. Remember that we are all passionate beings, which means that we make more decisions based on our feelings than on our rationality. Use this to your favor! Ask them questions and make them laugh by sharing your story (failures and wins), always seeking to make your readers feel identified with it. Apart from the effective word use and focusing on your customers entirely, when it comes to copywriting, do not forget that people love images and video. Blog posts with images tend to have higher conversions than blogs that don’t. With this in mind, try to include at least one in every single piece of writing you publish.   Last tip about writing: Get rid of the scam-looking three exclamation marks. What am I talking about? This: GET THIS NOW!!! I assure you nobody will click. Do not push your audience before inviting them to make a purchase. Discreetly ask them to add the item that got their attention to a cart. This way, they will feel less rushed and more in control of their decisions–and one exclamation mark will do.

Optimizing Your Website

Make sure your design looks neat and doesn’t distract the user from the main goal: making a purchase. Designs that look too cluttered can confuse the user, pushing them to leave the site. Elements like spacing and colors can help attract attention to specific areas. Use them wisely. Make your CTAs (calls to action) visible: Declutter your page and incorporate one CTA at the top and another one at the button. These simple measures will make them easier to find. Users expect that–when making a purchase–you take them by the hand, guiding them step by step. Do not forget that they are the ones doing you the favor at that very moment. The image displayed below is a good example of a clean and attractive landing page where the CTA is impossible to miss.

Implement A/B Testing

The best way to know what people want is by asking them. Conducting one or, better yet, several A/B tests will help you understand what your customer or prospective customers want. B2B sites have shown a 40 percent increase in leads after conducting A/B tests. By showing your audience a version of your current website vs. the new version you intend to launch, you will know if there is any content present on the current version that you considered removing on the new one that is actually effective and highly engaging, for example. It will help you determine what needs to stay and what needs to leave, which changes will generate positive results and which won't.  A/B testing is the ideal way to test what it is that makes visitors stay and become loyal clients of your brand.

Go for Remarketing

Given that only two percent of visits to your website result in conversions, I highly recommend you retarget that remaining 98 percent. They have already visited your website, meaning that there is an existing interest and maybe all they need is to bump into you again, or just one last push in order to become your clients. Segment your audience into different niches and apply a different marketing strategy for each.

Bonus Tips that You Will Find Useful

Color psychology is also key when it comes to reaching people. We are programmed to feel different and to act differently depending on the color that we are perceiving at the moment, and you have to use that knowledge to your advantage. Even the color of your CTA button can be determining when it comes to making a sale. A person is most likely to hit a button if it is orange rather than if it is red since red creates a sense of urgency that your potential clients will reject. Each type of product, each audience is driven by a different color. Learn more on this great post I found on Hubspot and apply color psychology to your website and landing pages! Do not forget about your competitors. Visit their websites and learn about what they are doing that is bringing positive results and which keywords they are using that you might be missing. One last thing: People are more trusting when they know who is behind the website they are visiting. Show a photo of you, your team and your office–everyone and everything looking at its best. This sounds small, but it makes a difference. Remember that every single detail is a step forward or backwards to making a sale. Keep in mind that it all counts and move forward! Good luck! 

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