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How Jewelers Can Use Landing Pages To Drive Sales February 03, 2019 (0 comments)

Lisa Nik new piece Every marketing campaign you run should bring visitors to specific page on your site that was carefully designed to maximize the results from that campaign. That's what a "landing page" is all about. You see, your website's homepage is meant for visitors who already know your brand. It's for general traffic, and is typically arranged in a way to encourage exploration around your site. Landing pages, on the other hand, are pages made with only one thing in mind - to convince a visitor to make a purchase or claim an offer. Landing pages are designed to cause a visitor to take action. PDPs vs Landing Pages Contrary to popular belief, a product page is not a landing page. There has been some really remarkable coming out in the past couple years comparing typical PDP (product details page) against campaign-specific landing pages. In short, it is almost always better to bring a visitor to a target landing page instead of simply bringing them to a standard product page. Don't believe me? Here are some amazing statistics from Marketing Charts. "Why might this be? Monetate theorizes that visitors landing on PDPs may not see the information that higher-level pages including homepages and product category pages provide about the brand, making it difficult for visitors to quickly ascertain if the brand is a good fit and worth further engaging with." Essentially, this is saying that bringing people directly to a product page bypasses the brand-building phase. Bringing a visitor directly to your product page tells them very little about your brand, and bypasses your chance to create an emotional connection and have the visitor fall in love with your brand. So how to we combat this? Intelligent landing pages. Businesses are learning how to rely on data. More and more marketers are bringing web traffic to campaign-specific landing pages over PDP pages because they are clearly generating more leads and higher ROI.

How Can Jewelers Use Landing Pages?

Convert More Web Visitors Into Online Customers Better landing pages will equate to more sales. Rather than running ads that bring customers to boring product pages, create a better experience for your visitor. Use the page to teach your visitor about your brand as much as the product that got them to click. Capture Leads For Appointments  Every retailer should have a landing page designed to accept web traffic looking to make an appointment at your store. Generate Interest and Capture Leads For In-Store Events Running a trunk show? There are two great ways to promote it. First is by creating a Facebook event. The other is by creating landing pages designed to generate interest and sign ups. The benefit of doing it through a landing page is when they sign up, you're capturing their oh-so-powerful email address. This is digital currency - you can know continue marketing to them! Accept Traffic For A Special Offer Many stores simply make a blog post or post on facebook when offering some kind of special. No matter how you promote the offer, you should have a dedicated landing page where all the visitors go. You see an ad about a discounted gold ring that you love, and you click to learn more. What would entice you more to take advantage of the offer - a paragraph announcing that you have a special at the moment? Or, a full page discussing the product, the brand? What if that page had testimonials and a convenient way for someone to schedule an appointment? The extra effort of making a landing page like this will get more people deciding to take advantage of the offer.

What Makes A Strong Landing Page?

Hyperfocus. Landing pages work because the ONLY message on that page is to persuade the visitor to take the offer or book the appointment. There are no distractions on the page - the landsing page has a single message with a single goal. There are a few widely accepted best-practices for landing page design. When designing your landing page, keep these in mind:

Strip It Down.

The ONLY goal of this landing page is to get the visitor to take advantage of whatever you're selling or offering. Remove all the other stuff from the page. Remove the sidebar on the right side of the page. Get rid of unnecessary menus or graphics. Get rid of EVERYTHING that doesn't have to do with this offer! Here are a few examples of what I mean. These are just some templates that Unbounce provides with their service and I did no work to them. As you can see, the design in each of these examples ONLY talks about one specific offer for the visitor to take advantate of. There aren't even menu bars on these pages, because that would encourage someone to click off the landing page.

Sell Yourself

Every landing page will be different based on your goals, but you want to do a clear job of selling your product and brand. Don't be afraid to talk about clients you work with, your experience level, or awards you've won if it's relevant to the goal. The point of this page is to sell.

Leverage Social Proof

Using things like Google or Facebook testimonials on your landing page will really help complete the conversion. Almost any reputable jeweler can generate some great reviews online. Make sure to lay these out clearly on your page to show customers how great you are! How does your store use landing pages creatively? Let me know in the comments!

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