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How to Spend Less on Google Ads and Still Beat Your Competition |  June 16, 2023 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY--Google ads are one of the best ways to reach more people who are looking to buy. The good news is, when your online jewelry store appears in the results for direct searches where the intent is to make a purchase, the return on investment is outstanding.

Unfortunately, this means that every jeweler out there is following the same strategy, and because Google ads work by showing the ads of the highest bidder, the more jewelers are bidding for lucrative keywords and phrases, the more you have to pay to be seen.

This article by GemFind's Alex Fetanat offers advice on "How to Spend Less on Google Ads and Still Beat Your Competition".

Here are Several Key Takeaways:

1. Use Location targeting

2. Use Phrase and Exact Match keywords

3. Use Ad Extensions

4. Bid On Higher Intent Keywords

Read the full article here.

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