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What Is A Lookalike Audience? October 15, 2023 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY -- A lookalike audience is a now-common feature on most social media and digital advertising platforms. If you’re unfamiliar what this is, keep reading. It can be a great tool for your digital advertising arsenal.

A lookalike audience is when you tell your social media platform (let’s say Facebook) to find other people who are similar to other people you select. On Facebook, you can upload a customer list and tell Facebook to find people who are similar to the people you upload. Or, you can tell Facebook to advertise your ads to people similar to the people who like your page.

The logic is simple - your customers and followers have certain things in common. Facebook (or whoever) will find other people online to show your ads to with those same common interests and traits. 

Using a lookalike audience in this way can help you reach the right types of customers without having to do much guesswork.


About The Author:

Mike Hauben is the Creative Director and Marketing Director for the Centurion Jewelry Show. He has over fifteen years experience and holds a number of digital certifications (Google, Yoast, Hubspot, and more). Mike has gained recognition among the jewelry industry in recent years as a popular keynote speaker, author, and trusted expert. He’s spoke at conferences like Centurion and JCK at the Javits Center.

He’s received an Award Of Excellence from MMA Business Magazine and is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He lives with his family in Atlantic Beach, NY.

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