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3 Things You Must Discover About Every Client |  July 17, 2019 (0 comments)


Tampa, FL--Everyone, at some point in their career, has attended a meeting where they've been asked to wear a “Hello, My Name Is...” nametag. The transition between the "Connect" sales steppingstone and the "Consult" sales steppingstone is the point at which introductions take place. But introduce yourself too early and risk coming off sounding like a used car salesman or, worse yet, is never introducing yourself at all. (For more about the steps in my "Brain Flow Selling" series, click here.)

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Once it is time to begin moving to the next step of the sale is when it's appropriate to:

After the client shares their name, share something that will make them feel significant. For example, “I have really enjoyed getting to know you so quickly.” Always make the next sentence all about them. 

Before moving on to the next step you need to uncover two things: 1) what they want; and 2) why they want it. This is easily discovered by asking two questions. First, a lead-in:

Question #1: “So, what brings you in to our store today?”

The client will either respond with what they want (i.e. “I’m looking for earrings”) or why they want it. (i.e. “I need a birthday gift.”) If the customer responds with what they want, ask: “What’s the occasion?” Or if they respond with why they want it, ask: “What did you have in mind?” It is vital to make note of these three things as they will be used throughout each of the sales Brain Flow process. Again, they are: 1) the client's name; 2) what they want; and 3) why they want it.

Do this today. Make a list of three things about every client that you assist today:

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