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5 Emails To Send Clients Every Day! |  April 10, 2019 (0 comments)


Tampa, FL--Perfectly timed and themed communications are key to building long-term relationships with your customers. There are five kinds of emails you should be sending customers every day. (Don't worry, it's not all five to all customers!) Here they are:

1. First visit. Treat them like your new best friend without sounding weird. Make an immediate impression by having a text or email in the client's inbox before they get to their car in your parking lot. Wow them with your attentiveness and make them feel special and significant.

2. Recent clients (purchased within the previous seven days). Treat them like a friend who just did a huge favor to you. Send them a heartfelt 'thank you' email or text. Share something you admire about them or remember something they said. Make them feel confident.

3. Active clients (purchased six to 18 months in the past). Treat them like a friend you were just thinking about. Send an 'I was thinking about you' email and invite them to have their jewelry cleaned and inspected. Make them feel valued.

4. Lapsed clients (purchased 19-24 months ago). Treat them like a friend you've not seen for some time. Let them know you would love to get together with them and have a gift for them (such as a gift card). Make them feel remembered.

5. Former clients (purchase 25+ months in the past). Treat them like a friend you haven't seen since childhood. Maybe they remember you, maybe not. Send them some type of offer and remind them who you are. Make them feel missed.

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