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A Free, Fast Flash Of Inspiration To Wow Your Customers |  February 15, 2017 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—Here is a quick idea to wow your customers even more, and it’s something that will take you literally moments: when you sell a necklace, do you ever ask your customers if they would like a right- or left-handed clasp?

I'm left-handed. Well, sort of. Technically, I'm considered cross-dominant because I naturally do certain tasks with my right hand and certain tasks with my left. I play most sports right-handed, but I do fine-motor tasks like writing--and putting on jewelry--with my left hand.

In all my years in the jewelry industry and/or shopping for jewelry in retail stores, I have never, ever been asked if I want the clasp to be on the left or the right. And every time I put on certain necklaces that have a right and wrong side, I’m perpetually frustrated that the clasp is designed for a right-handed person. It’s not an issue with bigger clasps, like the one on my Tahitian pearls, but tiny little lobster and spring clasps drive me nuts and also drive me to the jewelry-repair kiosk in the mall (the closest option I have for repairs) to get them reversed at my own expense.

How long would it take you to have your bench jeweler reverse the fastening? Five minutes? That could be done while the customer is still checking out! Then when the transaction is complete, you walk out with the necklace in its pretty box and bag and your little cleaning cloth gift or whatever extras you provide—and the next morning, the customer will be smiling instead of growling as she puts on the final touch to her outfit!

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