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If Omnichannel Is The New Normal, Here Are Five Factors For Success February 15, 2017 (0 comments)


Louisville, KY—Omnichannel retailing isn’t new, it’s the norm, and those retailers with good omnichannel strategies enjoyed a robust return on investment in the 2016 holiday season. Even in the jewelry world, consumers can shop anywhere, anytime, and compare prices right on their phones. A recent article on explains five factors to help boost success in a world where your customers are in charge.

Customers determine when and where they will purchase and where they will return for service. They are looking for who can provide the best experience and the best assistance on buying what’s right for them and the best after-purchase support. (Editor’s note: all of which suggests it still comes down to your people.)

Purchase is a journey across both time and place. Stores are not going away anytime soon, but in an omnichannel world they are not the only—or the first—shopping destination. More than 80% of consumers start their journey online and chances are they will have as much or more information about their desired product than the retailer.

Consumers want more than just a static photo and specs online; they want to see the product in use. When they visit a store, they want to interact with the product, not just see it on display.

Building it does not mean they will come or buy. Selling to an early adopter is easy; it’s selling to the mainstream that’s more challenging.

Curation vs. long-tail is still a conundrum. There are valid arguments for both offering online choices far beyond in-store inventory (such as, if you don’t have it, Amazon probably does), vs. keeping a curated selection so as not to overwhelm consumers. Read more here about finding the right balance.

Read the full Omnichannel Success article here.

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