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Adopting a Sustainable Strategy for Sales for 2023 January 03, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--The demand for items goes through the roof during the holiday season. But things are changing — customers want more insights into their purchases. One such insight is led by how sustainable a company is and what carbon footprint the product is leaving behind.

[Photo by Akil Mazumder]

According to a report, innovative retailers are bringing fresh ideas, new technology, data, and analytics to meet this challenge. Besides, the global; pandemic gave more reasons — and incentives — to modernize and digitize global supply chains.

The results are paying off. A study by Chief Sustainability Officers, as noted in the report, reveal that companies invested in digitization and sustainability see 11% higher revenues and profits compared to their peers.

So how do companies and retailers achieve projecting a transparent carbon footprint or sustainability report and find a way into the cautious mindset of eco-conscious consumers? Tools such as the IBM Supply Intelligence Suite can help them streamline this. From there, the marketing to the IT and packaging team must reconfigure product pages or e-commerce websites.

Read more on how to achieve this in the entire report.

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