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What This Multimillion Dollar Jewelry Business Uses To Build Connections With Customers January 03, 2023 (0 comments)


Jacksonville, FL--Priyanka Murthy wanted a different marketing approach when she founded her fine-jewelry business, Array, four years ago. 

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A report notes that when she crunched the numbers, she found that traditional approaches to marketing were not the most effective. For instance, competing with Tiffany & Co. or Google would be pretty challenging. Similarly, having the same ad budget as a brand like Swarovski was also daunting.

So how'd she get the magic in her marketing without feeling like it'd been a waste of money?

Murthy realized she wanted to connect more deeply with her clients through customer engagement. In the report, she lists a few reasons for how she did that.

The first bit of the process is celebrating customers instead of traditional event marketing. Murthy invited all her clients so they could share insights about why they're purchasing jewelry — part of the checkout process. A simple yet effective way to collect feedback

Another way to engage the customer, as highlighted by Murthy in the report, is to spoil their shoppers, which seems to work better than spending ad money.

Any client who spent more than $1,200 in a calendar year for the brand would be eligible for a VIP program, where they receive try-on jewelry boxes throughout the year. They can test these terms at home for ten days, have access to an expert personal shopper round the clock and even receive a sizable discount on their purchases. 

Read more on Murthy's customer engagement tactics in the entire report.

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