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Be Realistic About The Post-Pandemic Bounce May 20, 2021 (0 comments)


Louisville, KY—As it becomes easier to travel, dine, and shop, some experts are predicting a wave of spending like the Roaring Twenties, says a new article in Retail Customer Experience.

But Chris Hogue, author of the article, says that while a “pandemic bounce” is anticipated in both traffic and retail sales, it will be tempered regionally and level off quickly.

As customers come back into stores, crowds and lines may make them wonder what the attraction was in the first place, he writes. He urges retailers to remember those who come back once—and revert to their digital-to-physical shopping habits.

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Since customers have permanently adopted digital touchpoints in their shopping, retailers should try to collect as much customer information at every point that they can, and work on re-imagining the in-store experience to innovate it going forward.

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