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Boost Retail Sales: Harness the Power of Laughter May 10, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--A good retail store atmosphere is often defined by the laughter it holds. Laughter among shoppers and associates creates a relaxed and open environment that makes everyone feel at ease, according to Bob Phibbs, "The Retail Doctor."

[Image via Bob Phibbs]

Hiring the right people, providing proper training, and encouraging them to be themselves can generate laughter on the sales floor. Surprise and delight in retail are achieved through genuine, open, and engaging interactions rather than discounts or promotions.

According to Bob Phibbs, laughter in retail can be more prevalent if employees can establish rapport with customers.

Humor, when used appropriately, can create a positive and memorable customer experience. Oracle's Happiness Report highlights the importance of humor in sales, with 77% of people more likely to buy from a funny salesperson, Phibbs says.

To effectively use laughter in your retail business, follow these five rules:

  1. Listen for humorous situations or problems described by the customer.

  2. Avoid making fun of someone's nationality, appearance, or background.

  3. Keep humor light and cheerful.

  4. Start with self-deprecating humor.

  5. If a joke fails, don't force a laugh. Instead, pivot back to the customer by asking a question.

Remember, the goal of laughter is to share a moment and build rapport while working towards a sale. Keep humor genuine and customer-focused, and ensure employees feel comfortable and confident on the sales floor.

Learn more in this article published by Bob Phibbs.

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