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BOSS Logics And BIG Announce ‘together,’ New Online Retailing Sales Platform July 08, 2020 (0 comments)


New York, NY—BOSS Logics, a leader in product lifecycle management solutions, has partnered with Buyers Intelligence Group (BIG) to launch its latest solution, together, an online retailing sales platform that gives retailers a state-of-the-art way to remotely present and sell product.

BOSS Logics has helped jewelry brands such as David Yurman, LAGOS, and David Webb deliver effective online customer experiences.

Built on the BOSS Logics enterprise platform, together modernizes the way jewelers conduct appointments, both in person and remotely, through its sophisticated and interactive approach to online retailing. "Together" goes beyond video conferencing, screen sharing, and other piecemeal solutions to more closely replicate an in-person sales meeting, but safely and efficiently. Most importantly, due to the integration of BIG’s data, together provides tools for the salesperson to customize the experience for the consumer, such as knowing their likes and dislikes based on their past purchase history, as well as understanding what is currently in stock and at what location. 

"Together’s" personalized experience begins with associates creating email invitations using integrated data mining and filtering technology to target clients, inviting them to a virtual appointment that the client schedules themselves. During these face-to-face appointments, associates showcase their pre- selected assortment of products in a branded, interactive showroom, sharing an experience where client and associate alike can both highlight products, view high-resolution images, and stream media as they navigate around the room. Closely replicating the traditional in-person experience gives the associate the chance to learn about their customer and develop a connection, and gives the customer a purchasing experience reflective of the brand. To finalize the purchase, togetherprovides integrated checkout functionality. 

“BOSS Logics has designed and built the best virtual sales tool we have seen,” said Abe Sherman, CEO of BIG. “We’re honored they chose BIG to partner with on the together project. I’m incredibly excited about the cost-savings and efficiency that together is going to bring to our industry and how it will help reinvigorate the independent jeweler’s market position.” 

The partnership with BIG has enabled BOSS Logics to make full turnkey experiences for leading brands such as David Yurman. 

“At BOSS Logics, we build software that delivers on its promises of making it easier for customers to sell more, to sell faster, and to sell more cost effectively,” said Zach Lipsky, president. “together is further proof of that commitment, because it’s going to revolutionize how retailers are doing business—not only during COVID-19, but as a new way to remotely sell moving forward.” 

For more information, including a demonstration of 'together,' click here or watch the explainer video here

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