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Bridging The Generation Gap In Sales November 22, 2016 (0 comments)


Louisville, KY—The jewelry industry knows all too well that selling to Millennials is a different animal than selling to their Boomer parents. Apart from their digital savvy and general distrust of marketing in general, Millennials and Boomers are miles apart when it comes to their comfort zone on the sales floor.

A recent article on explains the generation gap in sales. Older consumers tend to find comfort in the traditional sales approach: one-on-one interaction with in-store associates, discussing product knowledge, benefits, and price. But Millennials find traditional sales approaches off-putting, and unlike their Boomer parents, their digital savvy translates into putting a high value on independent consumerism.

This doesn’t mean they’ll never shop in a store, but it does mean that the experience they’re looking for is more one of reassurance of the choice they’ve already made in their online research than one of being “sold” on a product. But one thing is common across all generations, and that’s the desire for a personalized sales experience. Whether it’s a one-on-one discussion with an associate for the Boomer or a digital kiosk where the Millennial can do additional research in the store, personalizing the experience is paramount.

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