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Creating an Exceptional Workplace |  March 16, 2016 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—Yesterday’s edition of The Centurion Newsletter addressed how important exceptional employees are to your bottom line. Exceptional employees who also have an exceptional workplace can really boost your sales.

An exceptional workplace is not about the perks onsite, or the coolness factor of a business. It’s about creating an experience where an employee feels valued and respected and where they’re aligned with your core values; a workplace where they’re happy to go and not just for the paycheck.

Think you have an exceptional workplace? See if you’re hitting these targets:

Trust: Do your workers trust you and your leadership team? It’s hard to offer an exceptional environment where trust is not paramount.

Happy Workers: Are your workers happy? Happy workers are productive workers, and productive workers drive your numbers up. When workers at any business are happy, it shows in their day-to-day acts, and customers can tell. That’s what makes customers want to come back.

Respecting Employees: Does your company respect its employees? Again, this is something that shows through in their behavior. Employees know if you respect them, and it’s apparent to all when you do not. Employees who don’t feel respected are more likely to become disgruntled or to adopt a “me first” attitude—both of which are visibly in the way they interact with customers—and they’re also more likely to leave.

Employees play the biggest part in creating an exceptional workplace. The companies that do the best, research shows, build, retain and develop their workers, in a cycle that continues throughout that worker’s entire career in a business.

There’s no single way to create an exceptional workplace. However, when you’ve got the basics down, it’s easy to keep tweaking your business culture to create a truly exceptional one. Ask your employees what matters to them, and really listen to the answers. You’re closer to an exceptional workplace atmosphere than you think.

Read more about the exceptional workplace in this and this article in Inc., both by Nancy Mobley, founder and CEO of Insight Performance; and in this article from her own website,

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