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Creating Instagram Pages That Work For Your Jewelry Business October 11, 2022 (0 comments)

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Melbourne, Australia--Instagram can be a great way to grow your jewelry business owing to its highly visual appeal. 

[Photo by Lisa Photos]

Using Instagram as a primary social media source to display jewelry catalogs has been a successful process that Gen Z and millennials have quickly caught up to. For example, in 2017, Gen Z and millennials accounted for around 60% of entire jewelry sales in the US — a period when demand for jewelry continued to grow.

For jewelers still struggling to figure out the best way to sell jewelry on Instagram, a guide details some steps they can follow to make this happen. 

An essential point that the article mentions is committing to a brand image. Brands can utilize the same logos and profile pictures across social media platforms to maintain a consistent tone and voice. They could also use a specific color scheme while creating infographics to highlight their value.

The article mentions the importance of developing an aesthetic, which helps you sell the lifestyle and vision behind the product. Giving the example of lifestyle brand mejuri, the article notes that the company does a great job of mixing routine shots and closeups of their products to make them look appealing and cohesive.

Another critical point in the article to enhance your Instagram presence is using high-quality images, as jewelry carats won't matter much if viewers can't make out much from the pictures.

Some other points mentioned in the article are writing creative and fun captions, posting Instagram stories, and staying active within the online community.

Read the entire article for more details. 

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