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New Pinterest Shopping Features Make It a Must Use for Jewelry Retailers October 11, 2022 (0 comments)

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New York, NY--Pinterest is a place where people come to plan the life they love. And jewelry can be a big part of it. 

[Photo by Brett Jordan]

But why Pinterest? We have talked about Pinterest in the past but things have changed a lot on the platform since then.

A simple answer to why jewelry retailers should use Pinterest would be that Pinterest converts. The search intent on Pinterest isn't always information-driven, as studies have suggested that users spend 80% more than those on other platforms. Pinterest users were also reported to have a 40% bigger basket size, which can be a boon for jewelry retailers.

Jewelers looking to explore Pinterest as a potential marketing space need to know about its new shopping features built around search, puns, and boards.

For example, users can browse the available catalog from the shop tab while searching for ideas such as layered necklaces. If a user clicks on a pin while scrolling through Pinterest's home feed, the platform will show related shoppable pins. There's also a dedicated shop section where users save pins to boards.

Pinterest also offers a Verified Merchant Program. While the feature is optional, opting for it gives you a Verified Merchant badge, which goes a long way in establishing brand credibility. As a Verified Merchant, you also get favored eligibility when distributing products within Pinterest's shopping recommendations.

Other features, such as a dedicated Shop Tab on your profile and product tagging, can help expand your brand's reach on this popular platform.

Interested in learning more about how Pinterest can help grow your business? Check this post for more.

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