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Creating the Best Augmented Reality (AR) Try-on Solution for Jewelry Retail April 20, 2022 (0 comments)

Post Industria AR tryon

Los Angeles, CA--Virtual try-on through augmented reality (AR) is becoming quite a thing with fashion shoppers. Several websites and online fashion businesses now offer virtual try-on. Virtual try-on is also known to tackle the post-sale fitting issues with products. A study shows that brands that implemented virtual try-on into their customer experience saw 64% fewer returns than brands that did not. 

AR has other benefits. It improves the quality of interaction between the customer and the brand. It yields higher conversion rates and makes it easier to announce new products. For many jewelry brands, there's only a little space to lag.

The market for AR is eyeing rapid expansion too. Data shows that there will be around 1.7 billion AR mobile users worldwide by 2024. The growing adaptability opens doors to numerous possibilities around implementing AR in jewelry retail, and some businesses are already at the front. Popular brands such as Pandora and Tiffany & Co have already implemented virtual fittings. 

A Post Industria report pointed out how US jewelry retail company James Allen (and others) have implemented AR for virtual try on their website. The user uploads a picture of their hand, and the website produces a 2D image of a hand with the ring. But the feature's far from perfect and provides little immersion because of static images.

Post Industria's team examined the market to create solutions at par with modern AR trends. Read more in the article.

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