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DeGroot Presents 8 Ideas on How to Find and Keep Good People |  February 05, 2021 (0 comments)

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Green Bay, WI--Staffing is difficult for everyone. It’s difficult for all jewelers. We are starting to see more and more help wanted ads for the business itself and this problem is frustrating jewelers from all over the world.

And the solution is realizing that our incoming group of employees are candidates in their 20’s and 30’s. And they think very differently than their predecessors.Today in many parts of the world we have generation of people who don’t plan on being in one place for very long. And they know they will have to reinvent themselves maybe up to five times during their working years.

So given all of this, how to we find good people?

My good friend Bill Becker of Becker’s Diamonds in Iowa recently told me, “We try to give our customers a unique experience. And we need to apply that exact same thinking to our team. If we start there, we’re on the right road.” Chatting with Bill, here’s the great formula he conveyed:

  1. Always be Looking—Keep your radar up at all times and when you see an example of great customer service, start a conversation with those people something like, “Have you ever considered a career in the jewelry business?”

To learn Seven more great ideas on how to Find and Keep Good People right now,  CLICK HERE or on the image below to watch Jimmy's short and highly informative video that will help youb create a culture of family and respect and accountability and you will have good people knocking down the door to come and work for you.

James (Jimmy) DeGroot is a professional jewelry sales and operations trainer from the jeweler’s side of the counter. Having been in management and the jewelry business for over 20 years, Jimmy offers weekly training to jewelers nationwide via the website  Jimmy is an AGS titleholder and specializes in training relevant and timely methods for jewelry teams. He can do a full training on making Bridal Presentations the best they can be, among many other regular training options. Contact Jimmy at or call 920-492-1191.

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