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Diffuse The Price Objection Without Discounting May 26, 2015 (0 comments)


Burlington, ON, Canada—Sales trainer and author Kelley Robertson has a favorite saying, “just because someone says you’re too expensive does not mean your price is too high.” While price is a factor in every sale, it’s seldom the primary reason behind someone’s final buying decision, he says.

In a recent blog on Fearless, he lists seven reasons why people say, “it’s too expensive:”

  1. Don’t see the value
  2. Exceeds their budget
  3. A competitor is cheaper
  4. They can’t afford it
  5. Their perception is unrealistic
  6. It’s an excuse
  7. It’s a negotiating tactic

But instead of instantly reacting with a discount, Robertson suggests asking the customer further questions (like “compared to what?” or “what do you mean?) to uncover the real objection and have a chance at closing the sale without a discount.

Read his entire blog here.

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