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Digital Marketing Tips For Retailers To Prepare For Holiday Season November 16, 2022 (0 comments)

Holiday gifts

Stamford, CT--Managing customers effectively during the holiday season is always a win for retailers because this is a period when customers tend to spend more money. But this year, customers' shopping plans are impacted by inflation, which further pressurizes retailers to adopt an approach that works.

[Image by George Dolgikh via Pexels]

"Key digital marketing strategies this season span hybrid shopping, search optimization and customer experience," Kassi Socha, director analyst at Gartner, said in an article published on its website. "This will generate word-of-mouth exposure for the brand, customer acquisition and revenue growth."

The article mentions some steps retailers can take to market their products, starting with always being prepared. The report notes that consumers prepare for year-end holidays by starting their shopping mid-fall — some starting to shop in October or November. It recommends retailers launch an online category that invites this idea so potential customers have some choices to make.

The article links inflation to highlighting the product's price, value, and free shipping. With the average prices of the products rising, it can be reassuring for customers to see a free shipping label on their products of interest.

Learn more about these approaches and more in the entire article.

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