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Diversifying Sales Strategies to Adapt to the New Normal March 18, 2022 (0 comments)

Retail sales

New York, NY--COVID-19 has drastically impacted customers' priorities. Businesses shut down early in the pandemic, and uncertainty loomed around the future of physical stores. Retailers still prioritizing physical stores may want to reconsider their approach to selling and may look into participating more in omnichannel sales strategies.

According to a McKinsey report, 17 percent of customers are making a shift from primary shopping. Other channels have grown steadily - online purchases and store pickups grew by 28% year over year. Besides, such sales channels are here to stay as consumers reported high intentions to stick to the newer purchase models.

The McKinsey report goes on to talk about how omnichannel leaders can adapt to the next normal in consumer experience by working across five sections:

The next normal is not yet established, and customers' needs are ever-changing. Retailers have to be quick and sure about responding to these new challenges with innovation and agility.

Read the complete McKinsey report to learn more about how to diversify consumer experience with present market expectations.

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