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Drive, Empathy & Resilience |  July 30, 2021 (0 comments)

2021-5-6 DeGroot Headshot

Green Bay, WI--What can you learn from visiting a cell phone store that teaches you about Drive, Empathy and Resilience as relates to your sales efforts for your jewelry store?

First, Jimmy DeGroot is not alone in that he generally hates visiting a cell phone store because as he notes, "you've got to pack your lunch because it's a long visit." 

But the cell phone's store's salesperson, Colin, was different. What made Jimmy DeGroot want to buy from him? Why did he perceive that Colin was sincere? What did he do that was above and beyond? 

Jimmy observes that jewery stores would love to have lots of salespeope like Colin working for them and he believes that salespeople can be shaped to be like Colin as long as they have Drive, Empathy and Resilience. Click below to watch the video and enjoy the relatable story of Jimmy's cell phone store experience. You can reach Jimmy DeGroot for all jewelry store training questions at 920-492-1191 or  

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