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The Need For A DTC Strategy To Accelerate Growth, Control Costs And Enhance Agility December 21, 2022 (0 comments)


Sathorn, Bangkok--The holiday sales and deals this season will soon see brands entering the busiest shopping period amid the backdrop of cautious consumer spending and economic uncertainty.

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A report by Maersk notes that certain factors worldwide, and in Europe, have been at the receiving end of the economic beatdown — count the rising fuel prices and record-breaking electricity bills as only some of the factors.

This is the right time for brands to think about how well their strategy for consumers is performing, so they can avoid stocks from sitting in their warehouses. The report notes that brands could work on easing supply chain challenging and creating revenue streams more focused on the end customers. 

To do this, it is also crucial for brands to partner with logistics partners with apt supply chain capabilities, geographical reach, and financial power to navigate uncertainties and provide the support to scale up, when needed.

"We're seeing aggressive growth in D2C e-commerce, and we're only just starting," said Naud Frese, Head of E-Commerce Logistics, Europe, at Maersk. "Brands need to make sure that their D2C supply chain is ticking in terms of quality, scalability, and cost – and that they have the right partner to support them on their journey."

The Maersk report points out that it was essential to get to know customers through data insights and focus on omnichannel fulfillment to fuel agility and resilience.

Learn more in the entire report.

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