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Empowering Sales Representatives For Better In-store Service December 29, 2022 (0 comments)


Waltham, MA--The retail industry has seen massive digital disruption, with companies quickly adopting technology in their everyday infrastructure.

[Photo by Tim Mossholder via Pexels]

However, the emergence of branded mobile apps and online stores doesn't mean that the brick-and-mortar model would collapse. One of the many values of retail lies in direct interaction with a retailer or customer service personnel, something which the online model's only striving to provide. 

Thus, brands must focus on personalized customer service to highlight their commitment to people. Sales enablement platforms are a great way to do that, as it helps associates get access to fresh product content quickly.

According to a report, a sales enablement platform helps brands implement in-demand training methodologies that work better than training retail employees better than older training techniques.

This system helps establish a centralized location where retail representatives can find product information in seconds. It's crucial to do so, as providing customers with outdated content and information leads to poor customer experience and communication delays.

Here's more on how sales enablement platforms can aid employees in better corporate-to-retail store communication, direct notifications, updates, briefings, and more.

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