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Sales Strategy The Seven Deadly Sins Of Hiring February 17, 2016 (0 comments)


New York, NY—It’s the classic manager’s dilemma: you know you should take the time to hire the perfect person to fill a vacancy, but you need help now.

In an article for Entrepreneur, contributor Greg Schott, president and CEO of MuleSoft, says don’t lower your standards, even if it takes months. He identifies seven pitfalls that lead to a bad hire:

  1. Cutting corners to get help faster.
  2. Not giving priority to referrals from current employees. That’s excellent vetting.
  3. Ignoring fit. Be candid about your culture and your expectations.
  4. Looking for experience first. Intelligence and drive are more important than having had a similar title, says Schott.
  5. Falling for charismatic talkers. Dig for evidence of their achievements.
  6. Hiring job hoppers. While there are valid reasons for leaving after a short time, avoid a candidate who is constantly moving.
  7. Perfunctory reference checks. Take the time to thoroughly interview the candidate’s references, look for others that have worked with them, and always ask, “Would you hire this person again?”

Read the full article here.

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