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Exclusive Video! See Shane Decker’s Presentation From Centurion Scottsdale 2015 March 18, 2015 (0 comments)


Scottsdale, AZ--Renowned industry sales trainer Shane Decker was the third morning keynote speaker at Centurion Scottsdale 2015. Relive the excitement of his presentation in its entirety in this exclusive video. Click here to watch. To watch the video in full-screen version, click first on the link provided to bring it up, then click on the four arrow star at bottom right. To minimize the screen and go back to your desktop, tap the escape button on your computer's keyboard.

(Editor's note: the video has a time lapse in which Decker's presentation is fully audible but not visible. Visuals resume at 5:30 minutes and continue uninterrupted through the remainder of the video.)

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