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Six Reasons Why Dogs Can Be Better Salespeople Than Humans March 18, 2015 (0 comments)


Omaha, NE—Renowned sales trainer Mark Hunter of The Sales Hunter recently penned a blog outlining why dogs can make better salespeople than many humans:

1. Dogs learn pretty quickly where their food comes from, and once they know, they become quite focused on the person. Are we as focused on the customers who essentially “feed us” through what they buy from us?

2. Dogs are quick to respond to threats. As soon as a dog perceives a threat, they become quite protective of what they value. Are we as attentive as we should be to competitors who threaten to take business from us?

3. Dogs are always ready to respond. A dog could appear to be fast asleep one but the instant they hear a noise, they respond.  Do we as salespeople respond as fast as we could to new leads and new opportunities?

4. Dogs mark their territory. Do we as salespeople record in our CRM system everyone we contact with and what we know?

5. Dogs are masters at hiding bones and things so they can come back to it later to enjoy. Do we as salespeople have a plan to keep a full pipeline of business?

6. Dogs have a way of drawing you into them with the way they look at you. Are you as engaging as you can be?  Are customers attracted to you and do they open up to you when you engage with them?

Dogs can teach us a lot. Now, let's go fetch some sales!

Read Hunter’s entire blog here.

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