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Five Things You Must Discover About Clients! |  January 29, 2019 (0 comments)


Tampa, FL--Your ability to develop and nurture authentic relationships is critical for your success. People buy from those who they know and trust.

Think about your friends. What makes you so close? Why them and not someone else? Here are the 5 things that you MUST discover about your customer (and your friends) if you want to grow the relationship:

1. For Pete's Sake, Get Their Name! This sounds silly at first, but one of the greatest roadblocks to developing a relationship and future sales is forgetting to get and remember the customer's name.

2. Contact Info: Enough said!

3. Their DISC Behavior Style: People are hardwired as to how they like to receive information that influences their behaviors.and choices. Matching the customer's behavioral preference is a surefire way to get them to love you.

4. One Thing That You Have In Common: Building on a commonality between two people is the quickest way to establish a relationship of trust and confidence. As a result, the barriers are lowered and the level of trust increases.

5. Find Out Their "Why." A mistake that sales people make is they only identify "what" the customer wants. It's more important to know what motivates them to make the purchase. I'll make this easy for you. There are only four reasons why people buy fine jewelry: Love, Wealth, Status and Feel Good. Period

Make it your mission to learn these five things in conversation with each and every client. You will quickly see your sales and income take off like a rocket!

Terry Sisco is CEO of Exsellerate, Inc., funny-maker, uplifter, mischief maker, father. Exsellerate has revolutionized retail sales training and made it "entertrainment," given it a millennial voice, made it ridiculously easy to learn on-demand style through social media platforms, and given sales consultants a sense of community, purpose, and the tools to crush their sales. Like us at, call us at 813-787-7355, email at, and visit us at

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