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Five Tips to a Successful Selling Season While Maintaining Your Sanity |  December 11, 2014 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—Ah, the joys of the holidays for a retailer!  Long hours. Unhappy feet. Too much quality time with your employees. No time to rest and recoup. Extra-demanding customers. One must survive—any way he or she can! Retail is hard work. Of course, it can also be fun, but during the Holidays it can be a real challenge to keep your sanity. Below are a few remedies that helped keep me sane during my retail years:

1) Rest whenever you can. Don't over-schedule (if that's possible). If you have a few free minutes, stretch your feet out and close your eyes. Breathe deep. Five deep breaths will clear and restart your tired brain.

2) Change your shoes. Yes, really. Just like a trade show. Changing your shoes saves your feet. Have your morning shoes and your afternoon shoes. And when you lock the door at the end of the day, go barefoot for a while. 

3) Don't try to do your holidays like a civilian. Hopefully you have a family/friends who know your schedule and work around it. If not, pull back where you can. If you have to bring a pie to a holiday gathering, let your store “go-fer” buy it. Delegate whenever possible.

4) Talk to your friends / a friend. Don't forget to connect with friends, even if just for a few minutes on the phone. Chat, gossip, blow off steam, whatever. Let that time help you de-stress.

5) Spend a few minutes each day doing something you enjoy. Steal a minute or two away from the sales floor. Play “Angry Birds.” Walk around the block. Post on Facebook. Listen to your favorite song at top volume with your headphones. Take a few minutes for yourself.

While these can't guarantee a great holiday, one or all of them might reduce your stress a bit enough to make it through them!

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