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Four Bad Sales Types That Can Ruin A Good Team March 15, 2017 (0 comments)


Chattanooga, TN—Every store, every company has had them: the bad actors on a sales team that sap profits, morale, or both.

The latest podcast in’s Sales Influencer series features Lee Bartlett, author of The No. 1 Best Seller, discussing four types of bad actors that can sabotage your sales team. These include the “Meeting Monkey,” someone who frequently calls time-wasting meetings to avoid selling; the “Box Monkey,” who takes “out of the box thinking” a little too far; the “Leech,” an average performer who survives by leeching off the success of top performers; and the “Confidence Trickster,” who has no moral compass and will do anything to get ahead.

Hint: both the Leech and the Confidence Trickster often look like good performers and as such have their managers’ favor, but their underhanded tactics can drive away your real top performers to a better work environment.

Click here to listen.

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