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Friend’s Illness Sparks New Brand Spin-Off For NH Jeweler November 03, 2021 (0 comments)


Concord, NH—Like most jewelers, when the pandemic hit, Molly Brandt, owner of Beadorable, had to do some recalibrating of her business. Brandt specializes in handmade sterling silver and gold-filled craft jewelry using a variety of stones.

But in Brandt’s case, it was the unfortunate news from a friend that sparked a new direction for her business and a new idea for a product line. The Concord Monitor recently profiled Brandt’s new line of personalized support jewelry, born when her good friend Lizzie was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall. 

At Lizzie’s request, Brandt created a personalized bracelet design (top image). Lizzie wanted to create a bracelet that represents positivity, optimism, grounding, calm, healing, and strength. The two talked about a number of stones and colors to get the look Lizzie wanted to create. She wanted it to be easy to wear, neutral, and natural.

More than 200 of Lizzie’s friends and family members bought one to demonstrate their support as she started treatment for her illness. That bracelet evolved into an online spin-off brand called Good Vibes, a line of hand-crafted jewelry for those collectively grieving the death of a loved one or supporting someone through an illness.

From the Concord Monitor article

“I think what I'm recognizing is that there's a lot of people who need sort of comfort and care,” Brandt said. “When you have somebody going through these tricky times, you don't want to interrupt them. You don't know how to support them. But by just putting this piece of jewelry on, you’re energetically sending them love, sending them care and you’re wearing a piece of them.”

The idea caught on, and it also helped Brandt navigate what could have been a very rough patch for her business. In addition to her studio shop, she also traveled to as many as 60 craft fairs per year to sell her jewelry, said the article. With most of those having been canceled last year, she had real concern about finances, but since the Good Vibes brand launched she now sells more than 50% of her products online. 

Molly Brandt, owner of Beadorable, created a new division of her business after creating a bracelet for a friend facing cancer.

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