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GCAL’s New Podcast Series Starts With Stuller Execs And Key Sales Issues July 29, 2020 (0 comments)


New York, NY—GCAL is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new podcast series, Diamond Profile, kicking off with Stuller executives Harold Dupuy (image) and Carl Lehnhardt as its first guests. Dupuy and Lenhardt will address some urgent industry issues affecting the sales landscape, ranging from dealing with the coronavirus to new retail trends and more.

"We've gotten tremendous response from our Monday emails that began several months ago, initially conceived as a result of the COVID crisis. The next logical progression was a podcast," says COO Angelo Palmieri.

"With each upcoming episode, GCAL will bring to the industry real-time information from respected industry experts," says founder and company president Don Palmieri. 

He further explained, "It was obvious in the unprecedented times we're experiencing, no one individual or company has all the answers. In trying to figure out how to navigate these challenging times, GCAL will be reaching out so our industry can experience the power of sharing information.  And we are honored to have Harold Dupuy and Carl Lehnhardt of Stuller for our premier broadcast interview."  

Dupuy is vice president of strategic analysis for Stuller. A Fellow of the Gemological Association of Great Britain, a Graduate Gemologist (GIA), and a Master Gemologist Appraiser (ASA), at Stuller, he draws on a diverse background to analyze, anticipate, and act on shifting currents in the international jewelry market. 

Lehnhardt is senior diamond buyer for Stuller. In his 15-1/2 years with the company, he has traveled over one million miles (all with a single airline) and circumnavigated the globe five times, forging relationships as close to the source as he possibly could.  

Carl Lehnhardt

In this first episode, Dupuy and Lehnhardt will discuss:

  1. Adapting to Coronavirus. The need to retrofit the Stuller facility to comply with requirements.  
  2. Retail Trends. "We had no idea it would return in the manner that it did." 
  3. Diamonds. "Rounds have been king, but ovals are ready to take the king's head off." 
  4. Lab Grown vs Natural."We saw surprising growth in natural, but more and more people are ok with lab grown" 
  5. On the DPA’s (Diamond Producers Association) name change to the Natural Diamond Council. “It signaled a shift from Hatfields & McCoys trying to denigrate the other product. Let the rising tide lift all boats. It's a consumer choice, that will put some wind in the sails of lab grown.” 
  6. India. "They got hit [with coronavirus] six weeks later, and are far from peaking" 
  7. Gemstones. "We saw no major shifts, with precious stones still representing one-third of the market" 
  8. Jewelry..."Halosare still dominant, solitaires remain strong, and stackables are a staple." 

They’ll also review the various tools Stuller has to help the industry navigate the new normal.

Future podcasts will feature interviews with leaders of our industry, from retail chains and independents to online retailers; from manufacturers and wholesalers to media and marketing executives.  

For more information about the Stuller podcast, the lineup of future interviews, or any other GCAL products and services, please contact Steve Feldman at (212) 869-8985 or 

Click here to hear the Diamond Profile Podcast.

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