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How To Deal With Customers’ Lies and Excuses to Not Make a Purchase July 31, 2022 (0 comments)

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New York, NY--Customers lie. They tell you they might come around and make that purchase they seemed interested in, but they never show up.

[Photo by olia danilevich via Pexels]

They state plain white lies, often to avoid purchasing expensive items or things they are unsure about. 

This can be a common challenge for salespersons, especially those working in jewelry retail, as the price is a decisive factor when making a purchase. So what are some of the best ways around it?

'Retail doctor' Bob Phibbs shares in a blog post five of the most common lies customers tell, while discussing how salespersons can still make a sale.

  1. We can't afford it
  2. Just looking
  3. We'll look around
  4. I have to ask my partner
  5. It is too expensive

While mentioning these points, Phibbs also discusses scenarios from a salesperson's point of view. For example, when a customer says the product is too expensive, then instead of opening doors to negotiation (which the customer wants), salespersons must focus more on attaching value to the products — telling them how it could add value to their life. Jewelry salespersons could learn from this to focus more on a gem's uniqueness in its price bracket.

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