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How To Read a Customer’s Non Verbal Cues July 14, 2022 (0 comments)

Nonverbal cues

New York, NY--It's a common pattern in sales: a lead appears to be so interested in the product that you almost feel you could close the deal.

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But the unexpected happens: you hear a no from the lead, and all that effort's futile.

What went wrong? You forgot how to read the nonverbal cues of your customer.

An Inc article talks about the role of the ability to read reading nonverbal cues on business. Multiple mechanisms make this possible. The first mechanism involves identifying dead-end leads. This helps save the energy of the tea. The second is picking up early on doubts, which assures apt communication with a potential customer. The last part involves recategorizing a lead wrongly identified as not worth being pursued.

The article recommends that retailers understand that all messages come with a subtext. Being rushed could lead to bad decisions, as it's essential to identify the underlying tone behind the message.

The article also mentions how these signs can be interpreted. This can be done by focusing on behavior change to identify signals. There's also the role of context in identifying nonverbal cues. 

Read more on this in the entire post.

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