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How To Train Employees To Up-Sell Successfully |  February 05, 2015 (0 comments)


Austin, TX--When it comes to maximizing sales, owners and managers tend to say, “We need to increase sales,” but then fail to train their people on how to accomplish that goal. Salespeople need to be taught what up-selling and add-on selling are (serving the customer) and what they are not (blindly suggesting more merchandise). Don't assume that they can automatically up-sell without training.

Try on-the-floor coaching or role-playing to help your salespeople learn the difference, practice their skills, and gain some confidence. Your training efforts will be rewarded with increased sales.

Remember, upselling and ad-on selling aren’t just about getting customers to buy more product. These techniques are designed to fulfill customers’ needs, whether those needs are getting a bargain, buying a higher-quality product, or merely having a positive, productive interaction with sales staff. The bottom line benefit is increased sales, but the focus is really on fulfilling customer wants, needs, and desires.

The only way we can get to that place is what I call “finding out the customers unspoken need” (insert Sales pitch for The Jewelry Coach…we are a sales training and brand training company…you most have expected this sooner or later).

In store, to lead your sales team to additional sales and brand training,

Make it the best sales day ever!

Pat Henneberry, founder of The Jewelry Coach, was recently named vice president of global learning for Hearts On Fire.

Pat actually never envisioned a career in jewelry. But after growing up in the heartlands of Iowa, she moved to Austin, TX, and became an award-winning salesperson with ArtCarved. Now, with more than 30 years’ experience, Henneberry is one of the diamond world’s top trainers, having helped build multiple brands for the jewelry industry. She spent 10 years with DeBeers’ Diamond Promotion Service, where she helped launched new brands, worked on national ad campaigns like "A Diamond is Forever,” and helped retail jewelers build their diamond business. While there, she was the proud recipient of the Diamond Symphony Award by Diamond Promotion Service and DeBeers. Later, she was part of the Hearts On Fire international training team, where she traveled the world teaching retail jewelers how to sell diamonds and grow their business. Henneberry is the founder of The Jewelry Coach. The Jewelry Coach is about building positive principals for self-improvement and personal jewelry sales development, and offers an online 24/7 sales training community. Her clients number such famous names as Forevermark US, Tiffany & Co. sales training, and LVE, a new Schachter & Co. diamond brand, as well as other key brands and retailers in the luxury jewelry sector. She also is frequently sought as a motivational speaker in the industry. She can be reached at (512) 203-3414.

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