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One Great Thing I Did Last Year (That You Can Do This Year): Rethink Your Store Hours |  February 19, 2015 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY--In a brand-new series titled “One Great Thing I Did Last Year (That You Can Do This Year), The Centurion is asking retailers to tell us about one outstanding thing they did in 2014 that made a huge difference in their business. For our first installment, we caught up with Cotton Club Collection owner Lisa Spain recently to ask her what one idea she implemented that turned out really well. With 'fashion on her mind,' as always, Spain shared some good thoughts:

"We decided to be closed on Mondays, giving all employees 2 consecutive days off together including myself," said Spain. Closing on Mondays is relatively new, but already working well. "After 25 years with our old hours, we no longer have staffing issues and days off issues and vacation issues. It makes the shopping more time sensitive." Spain says they will still do Mondays by appointments, "which gives our customers special treatment if needed."

Spain also offered a second 'One Thing.' "Last year we did more trunk shows. This brought clients in more often--even if they purchased something else." Good ideas for better business!

See The Centurion's retailer profiles on Cotton Club Collection for more background. 

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