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HR Advisor: If You Want To Attract Millennials, Make A Recruiting Video January 06, 2016 (0 comments)


Brentwood, TN—Hiring good sales associates is hard enough for luxury jewelers. Candidates not only have to have the necessary sales ability, they also have to be trustworthy enough to leave them alone in the store with millions of dollars’ worth of easily concealed merchandise. And that’s before considering how long they’re going to stay after you do hire them.

The average work tenure of a Millennial is about two years, according to HR Advisory. Yet having Millennials on staff is one of the best ways to have more Millennials in front of your counters.

Millennials do things differently than their Boomer parents. And job-hunting is no different, which is why an article in HR Advisor says a recruiting video is one of the best tools to help you attract talented Millennials to your organization. Don’t tell, show! The organization suggests 10 tips to make your recruiting video a standout, such as showcasing your employees and your working enviroment.

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