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Millennials: Why They Are A Good Hire - Part One |  January 06, 2016 (0 comments)


Miami, FL--It’s the New Year and my wheels are already turning for my retailers. Wondering how their part time help did during the holidays and how well did they perform? Maybe it’s time to look at a younger demographic and start hiring Millennials?

As I read different articles and opinions, smart employers are embracing Generation Y. They feel that they can make significant contributions to their organization. Both in short term and down the road as permanent employees. Before hiring into the Millennial generation you must understand them and know how to harness their qualities. This can be infinitely beneficial to your organization. Here are some positive reasons why they’re good hires:

1) Tech Savvy: This is the first generation to be brought up with computers and technology. They understand, operate and can recommend the most advanced tools and technologies as well as teach you how to use them too.

2) Cost Effective: Compared to other generations, Gen Y (Millennials) appears less motivated by money. They have a different set of priorities. Work/life balance and flexibility are their most motivating factors. In a recent survey only 17% of Millennials claimed compensation as their primary drive. Also 40% of 2008 graduates still reside with their parents and do not mind! (I don’t know about the parents, though!) This is a group sadly linked to ROI.

3) Team Players: They call Generation X “The Me Generation” where as Generation Y is “The WE Generation”. They have a heightened sense of community and peer-to-peer relationships. They lived through and saw 9/11 and have ongoing fears of terrorism that have led to greater feelings of patriotism and a desire to help others. This translates into more of a group mentality and increased collaboration in the work place. That’s never bad for business.

4) Acceptance seeking: Some term Gen Y as “the Trophy Generation” in response to the “everyone is a winner” mentality and the endless pats on the back associated with their upbringing. Some may see this as negative, but in effect it can be very motivating. We all love and need praise. It facilitates effort and achievement. So, yes, they will be a little high maintenance and need more feedback—but they will work hard to achieve it!

5) Self Expression: In the Gen Y world, self-expression is paramount. Twitter and social media taught them to express themselves—or perhaps it evolved because of their desire to express themselves. (Many parents may shudder from this!) This group of young adults is not afraid to put their thoughts out there. In the workplace, this translates into unabashed brainstorming that can generate new solutions and fresh perspectives.

6) Conscious of the competition: Coming of age in a recession makes Gen Y’s more aware of job-market competition. Unlike older workers who may be used to calling the shots in their careers, this generation counts their blessings when it comes to employment opportunities.

7) Current: Like any young generation hiring Gen Y’s helps keep your company up to date with social media and other market trends. Build a relationship and offer a Gen Y the opportunity to grow with your organization and they will reward you with continued relevance.

Your Take Away. Don’t be fooled by bad press. True, Gen Y may be a little different but weren’t you when you entered the work force? With the right attitude and management, welcoming a Millennial into your organization just might make the difference between whether your company soars or stagnates. These are the pros when looking at this new generation. My next article will show the cons of hiring a millennial.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year! --Andie

Andie Weinman, president and CEO of Preferred Jewelers International / Continental Buying Group Inc., was born with the “Jewelry Gene” working in the jewelry industry since she was only ten years old. Her first job was as a cashier in the opening of a catalog showroom doing a fantastic job even at that tender age. Andie holds a B.A. in musical theatre and a B.S. in marine biology from The University of Tampa. When she realized that seawater and marine biology were not good on her hair and she wasn’t quite good enough to make it on Broadway, the jewelry business beckoned. Andie has picked diamonds, sorted color stones, shot waxes and performed a multitude of jobs in the manufacturing of jewelry.  Her negotiating experience and prowess has given her the reputation as being tough but fair in her dealings with vendors. In 2012 the Indian Diamond and Color Association awarded Andie the Prestigious Doyenne Award of the Year.

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