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Innovative Ways Retailers Maximize Sales and Conversions April 26, 2022 (0 comments)

Foamy Wader

Brooklyn, NY--Business owners have been quick to adapt to changes that could maximize their selling chances since the pandemic's start.

Adapting and growing is a necessity, too — sometimes regular marketing techniques prove futile due to the ever-changing market and customers' needs, and this is when innovation yields a solution.

When Alexa Allamano, the owner of Langley, Washington jewelry brand Foamy Wader realized that there were enough customer pick-up requests coming after her brick-and-mortar store's lease was up, she decided to go virtual-only, writes Rebecca Deczynski for Inc. She found a smaller 180-square-foot space in the fall of 2020 and decided to turn her large window into a display area.

"I thought, 'What if I could make it so that customers could shop right from the windows?'" she said, as per the report. She decided to display her jewelry with a visible QR code for each piece, which shoppers could scan to purchase directly on her website.

Allamano displayed her jewelry at the store window with a visible QR code leading to the product's purchase page. 

"With the QR code, you land right on the product page, so you're already three steps ahead of where you'd be if you just provided a website," she said, according to the report. "It eliminates a lot of customer drop-off."

Allamano even found a QR code-generating website that also let her track usage. Since adding this feature, her business' average order value has increased by 10% for online purchases and 19% for in-store purchases. 

Read more on Allamano's business innovation and other ideas in the entire Inc. report.

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