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Jewelry Retail Social Media Ideas That Make an Impact April 27, 2022 (0 comments)

Social Media

Tampa, FL--Social media has become a key element in the growth of many businesses. It serves as a key function in marketing, sales, and customer service. 90% of surveyed marketers believe that social media marketing efforts have increased their business' exposure and 75% believe that it has even increased their traffic.

But social media messages are more than just vanilla posting. Businesses devise strategies that maximize conversion and engagement. A ThumbStopper post highlights six social media ideas that jewelry retailers can adopt today.

Content is a driving factor in engagement — the more customers relate to your business, the better the conversion rates. Using branded content along with user-generated content can define the scope of your social media channels. And as always, a marketing list starts with quality content.

A consistent posting schedule is also essential. Social media algorithms prioritize engagement. Posting quality content consistently (without overdoing it) can aid the brand-making process.

Other ways retailers can make an impactful presence online are by implementing promotions and holding giveaways. 

Read more on these jewelry retail social media post ideas in the original article.

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